About Us

Whether it’s a corporate function with cynical dignitaries and company representatives who need to be impressed at any cost, or a small group of like-minded people who you want to inspire, the quality and seamlessness of your presentation is paramount.

That’s where we come in. Known for our professionalism, meticulous customer service and state-of-the-art equipment, CCT Productions makes sure you aren’t struggling with lighting, sound and vision issues minutes before the big event, leaving you to focus on more important things.

Our main aim is to make sure no one even notices the sound and lighting, but instead, walks away knowing the event was of the highest calibre but they just can’t put their finger on why.

Our awesome skills

CCT Productions have the ideal technical solution to suit your live event and audience size taking location into consideration, which influences the audio quality.

For smaller, office presentations, our public address systems and HD TV screens provide added professionalism to your event.

CCT Productions has an array of solutions at our fingertips to help the visual element of your event be a seamless success. Need to have that streamed to your delegates in Sydney? No problem. Need a 3m LED wall behind your stand at an exhibition, its done.

From HD video cameras to 4k Televisions. From ceiling mounted projected screens to modular LED walls, we are built to handle any and all vision requirements you need for your event.

For any sized event, taking into consideration sight lines, rigging capacities, power needs, complete safety and creative lighting design. From projection, plasma and LED displays for small business meetings through to ultra-wide and multi screen projection, we use stunning colour, brightness, contrast and resolution to create the ultimate atmosphere for your event.

CCT Productions has over 10 years experience in the advertising and television industries. We’ve worked on documentaries, corporate videos, TV commercials, and product and event photography in a dozen countries across the planet. We can produce any high-end video content you need for your event.

With an arsenal of HD and 4k cameras, drones, and of course sound and lighting equipment, there is nothing we can’t produce to make your event look and feel world class.

Meet Our Team

Sam Hargraves
Managing Director

Mitch Colton
Technical Director

William Louis
Audio Visual Technician & Install Technician