Take your audience experience & engagement to the next level with The Studio, Orange.

Looking for a different way to engage with your audience? The Studio, Orange has been built with our local community in mind.

Based centrally in Orange, our presentation & live streaming studio features a full LED back wall, customized lighting rig and full HD video streaming capabilities.

Whether it’s a virtual event, customer-facing video content, awards night, board announcement, or you’re looking for an entirely new way to engage with your clients. The Studio, Orange can be dressed to meet your requirements.

The Studio, Orange

Why consider The Studio, Orange?

There’s no longer any need to head into a metro centre to access a high-quality video studio. Our presentation and live-stream studio is built to service Central NSW. We’ve been supporting our Orange, Bathurst and Dubbo communities for a number of years from our local offices.

If you don’t already know him, Sam cut his teeth as a commercial producer and news cameraman for PRIME7 right here in Orange. He’s worked locally producing video content and live-streaming services for local businesses, like yours, for the past 15 years. So when we say we can produce TV quality, we’re not making it up. We’ve done it all before. We were doing live-streaming and high-quality video production long before COVID made it a necessity.

Consider the studio a blank canvas because it really is. With our LED back wall, we can help you with creating the graphics you want behind you. We’ve also got some awesome people that can help you style the space with things like furniture, florals, greenery and anything else you could possibly want.

With our variety of live streaming services, we can help you reach more people than the standard zoom. Talk to us about pre-record and stream ‘as live’ functionality.

Yes, we have to say it. We’ve got a full COVID-safe plan for the studio, including mandatory QR code sign-in.

The Studio, Orange
The Studio, Orange
The Studio, Orange